Innovative Brick Systems Embedded Brick Form Liner



Re-use VersaLiners ® are a balanced combination of durability and economy. They are designed to be applicable to a variety of creative panel designs, and to assure that they will hold up under even the most extreme conditions for a single cast. However, considering the designed-in safety factor, some contractors may find the sheets to be useable more than once. I.B.S. warrants only a single use of each VersaLiner™ sheet.


VersaLiner™ Liner Storage VersaLiner ® is relatively impervious to hot and cold weather conditions. However, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will damage them. It is recommended to store them in the packaging provided until they are ready for use. Avoid top-loading or crushing them in their packages. While they may remain useable, the resulting distortion may make them more time consuming to install. Brick Coursing – Liner properties and coursing The VersaLiner® is a flexible plastic which reacts to hot and cold conditions by slightly expanding or contracting. These slight variations in size may be compensated for by simply compressing or stretching the elastic joints as the bricks are being installed. Once the bricks are nested, their weight will hold the liner in the proper position. Thus, one of the most important procedures is to check the coursing frequently as the brick is being installed. Brick may be on course at the top and bottom but still may vary in the center. This can be easily avoided by marking and referring to storey lines on the edges of each form as the bricks are installed. Storey poles are useful as well.


“3 = 8” Rule : The height dimensions of modular brick (by far the most common brick size) are such that 3 courses and their bed joints add up to 8 inches. Thus, the distance from the bottom of course #1 to the bottom of course #4 measures 8 inches. This is a handy measurement to use when installing the liner and bricks.


Adjust-A-Liner Occasionally the brick may be too long for the standard liner pocket, or there needs to be an adjustment to the brick module in order to fit properly. This can be attained by using the Adjust-A-Liner sheet. Adjust-A-Liner is a 4’ wide liner containing only the horizontal bed joints. The head joints are installed separately (and individually) as the brick is installed. This feature allows for a great deal of flexibility in adjusting for areas that require irregular spacing. While this method takes more time to install, it is also an excellent solution for areas where the brick joints must be compressed in order to fit, thereby avoiding unsightly “sliver-brick” cuts.


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