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VersaLiner™ Easy Installation Guide

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5. Tips for Easy Installation and Brick Nesting: a.

For best results with large panels lay out and join no more than four VersaLiner sheets prior to nesting the thin brick units into the liners. At that time, begin nesting the bricks (face down). Stop prior to nesting bricks in the final course of the liners that is adjacent to the next liners to be laid out. Once the next liners are laid out and joined, finish nesting the previous liners’ final course and begin nesting bricks onto the new sheets. Repeat these steps as you go. (See figure 5) b. As you nest the bricks, watch to maintain an exact 8 inch length per every 3 courses (keep track by using chalk lines or story poles). The sheets may want to spread vertically a small amount during the nesting process and can be gently pushed back throughout that process. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU NEST ALL OF THE BRICKS BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO ADJUST THE LINER. c. For nesting the final 35/8ths bricks (and the tall standing corner pieces) into the return liner, follow these steps: CastBond Adhesive Method: 1. Make sure the return liner pockets are clean and dry. 2. Coat the 35/8ths brick faces and their

corresponding liner pockets with the CastBond pressure sensitive adhesive (provided by IBS). Spread thin and evenly over the majority of each surface using a brush or roller (a straight-edged piece of cardboard works well). 3. Let both surfaces dry to tacky before nesting (30 minutes is typical but can be as long as 60 minutes in colder air temperatures). 4. Nest bricks firmly into pockets. Clips Method: 1/8 th ” wire works well for clipping the suspended and tall standing units. Cut the strand into approximate lengths as shown in Figure 8. Bend to a “squared U” shape such that they will pinch the brick to the form. Clip over the upper edges of both the brick and the form.

Figure 7

Figure 8

Once you check each of the bricks for a flat fit into the liner you are ready for the reinforcement and the concrete. Pg. 3 of 3


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