Innovative Brick Systems Embedded Brick Form Liner


F. Undersized Brick Thin brick may me undersized by as much as 1/8” in length or width. This does not present a problem as to the liner’s ability to hold the brick for casting. Brick will not move or ‘float’ out of place if concrete is properly placed and vibrated. As always, a mock-up panel should be produced before casting begins in order to assess the appropriateness of the brick to be installed. The coved joint is the most natural looking type available. One of its benefits is in the way it blends smoothly into the face edge of brick. This blending can visually absorb the thin concrete band or ‘eyebrow’ that is usually present around the perimeter of embedded brick.


V. Installation The VersaLiner is designed to be easy to install and tear down. And its single use design enables a producer to utilize multiple beds concurrently for even the most complex brick jobs. The following are important installation procedures and tips that will help ensure a smooth and successful panel cast. A. Installation tools – specific to VersaLiner Liner and thin brick in a form Tool Purpose Utility knife and/or scissors for trimming single sheets of VersaLiner™ Liner Band saw for trimming multiple sheets of VersaLiner™ Liner (nested) Wet saw for cutting thin brick Tape measure for marking 8” story line/pole Pallet jack or fork lift for transporting thin brick pallets High Pressure water sprayer for cleaning panel (min. 180 deg.; 4,000 psi)


Trimming liners VersaLiner liners are made of a thin, rigid, non-brittle plastic that can easily be trimmed on the jobsite using scissors or a utility knife. For cutting multiple liners at once a band saw is advantageous. A sharp 4-8 tpi blade works well. Care should be taken not to compress the liners before gang-cutting them as this may spread some joints and produce unexpected results.

C. Preparing the form

The form surface should be swept or blown clean. Debris or unevenness will transfer into the brick surface. It is a good idea to use a base coat of bond breaker or release agent under the area where the VersaLiner will lay. There is usually very leakage of concrete through the VersaLiner joints. However, some leakage is likely to occur at the edges.



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