Innovative Brick Systems Embedded Brick Form Liner


E. Brick Arches Arches are a common feature on brick structures. Special VersaLiners® are available that are customized for your particular arch design. The liners are similar in material to the standard VersaLiners®. They are used in much the same way. However, arched liners are more flexible and can be manipulated and customized.

F. Bounding Rustications Transitions between brick and smooth concrete should be considered carefully. There are many advantages to having a rustication or embossment in the concrete between the brick and smooth surfaces. They frame the brick area much like window jambs and sills do with windows. Brick ending directly into concrete looks awkward and untrimmed. A rustication leaves a sharp crisp line which looks much more professional. The bounding rustication also helps contain the brick prior to casting. Installing a rustication takes less time than securing the liner to the form and dealing with mortar joints and uneven brick. It is advisable to completely remove the end joint from the VersaLiner, abutting the brick directly to the rustication. Most of these rustications are small, 3/8” to 1” wide. They need to be at least ¼” deep, but are usually 3/8” to ½”. Typically they will have a 90 degree edge against the brick and a small amount of taper on the outside. Often a ½” radius quarter-round is used. This is one of the simplest types and is readily available at most lumber yards. IBS offers easy-to-use VersaLiner edge accessories. These simulate a smooth mortar joint and may be attached to the form.

MBrick™ Edge Strip 3/8” rustication


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