Innovative Brick Systems Embedded Brick Form Liner


G. Integrating Multiple Patterns The variety of liner patterns that are available are engineered to integrate with one another – offering the widest variety of design options in an easy-to-setup manner. As an example of common design options, soldier courses -- which nest into running bond patterns -- are available in both an aligned and offset pattern.


Irregularity of Brick Brick is a clay-baked product that regularly varies in size during production. For this reason it is cost prohibitive to produce ‘perfect’ sized and shaped units. Though grinding will ensure that the brick are not oversized, undersized bricks have to be dealt with as they are. This undersizing will produce a condition called an ‘eyebrow’, which is a frame of concrete around the brick. As it is, the eyebrow look is not uncommon in hand laid masonry as well. The coved, or rounded, joints built into the VersaLiner blend the eyebrow into the joint more effectively than what flat, recessed can accomplish. If undersize brick are expected in a job some should be included in the mock up panel.


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