Innovative Brick Systems Embedded Brick Form Liner


Appendix B – Easy Installation Guide

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VersaLiner™ Easy Installation Guide Rev: Oct ‘07 For sample panels and other non-complex casts. (For a more detailed installation guide contact Innovative Brick Systems)

For our Sample Panel Kits: (If applicable) Each liner sheet has been pre-cut for your convenience. Please see enclosed panel drawing for details.

Note: It is important that you review your panel and form specifications for dimensions and bordering requirements prior to installing the VersaLiner embedded thin brick system. 1. Measure and Cut : Review the panel dimensions for the portion to be bricked. Trim any VersaLiner sheets as required. a. For end sheets that abut to the form’s edge (including a reveal, rustication, continuous joint, or other type of border) remove the mortar joint in the VersaLiner that meets the edge of the border. You may use a band saw, scissors, or utility knife with a straight edge. (See figure 1) b. For dimensions that require cutting substantial portions of the VersaLiner, always make the cut on the inside of the joint-line. (See figure 2)

Figure 1

Figure 2


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