Innovative Brick Systems Embedded Brick Form Liner


VersaLiner™ Easy Installation Guide

Innovative Brick Systems, LLC

2. Setting up the edge strip: One popular method for creating an attractive continuous joint where the brick meets exposed concrete is by using the Edge Strip Perimeter Joint, supplied by IBS (see Figure 3). Merely trim this piece to the correct length and adhere to the form using double sided tape, spray adhesive or caulking. Once it is set in place, apply a narrow bead of silicone along the outside edge.

Figure 3

3. Sheet laying : Lay your first VersaLiner sheet on the form. If you are abutting the liner to an edge strip or rustication, make sure you have trimmed off the joint-row along that sheet’s edge. Take a 2 nd VersaLiner sheet and overlap the outer edge joint-row marked with a plus sign (+) on to the outer joint- row of the first sheet marked with a minus sign (-). Press down on the overlapped joints to “snap” the liners together. (See Figures 4 and 5) a. This “ plus over minus ” method is the same for joining sheets horizontally and vertically.

Figure 4

Figure 5

4. Setting Corners: Folding corner liners are our most popular method for returns. These liners integrate into the running bond liners as described above -- then fold to form a precisely aligned 90º return. (See Figure 6)

Figure 6


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